Objectives of Pulping & Bleaching

  • R&D work on raw material handling & preparation, storage practices and quality improvement. 
  • Provide technical services to paper industries, government agencies and other organizations in the area of chemical analysis of fibrous raw materials, fiber characterization, fibre furnish analysis of paper and board and analysis of chemicals used in papermaking, trouble shooting and product quality development.
  • Better understanding of pulping and bleaching processes & quality improvements.
  • Development of new environmental friendly pulping and bleaching processes.
  • Additive Pulping optimizations for various types of cooking aids.
  • Reduction of chemical pulp production cost in terms of yield gain and  reduction in bleaching chemicals.
  • International and National sponsored R&D work for paper and allied industries and other organizations.
  • Imparting HRD services to mill personnels, International and National students from different organization  for skill development and up-gradation of knowledge in the area of  Raw materials storage and handling , raw materials chemical analysis, pulping, bleaching, chemical analysis, fibre characterization and furnish analysis etc.