Achievements of Stock Preparation & Papermaking

Stock Preparation & Papermaking
  • Developed know-how and expertise on optimization of Wet end chemistry of mills based on charge measurement technique.
  • Developed packaging grade paper having antibacterial properties.
  • Evaluated various Pigment Dyes to study dye strength, color fastness and aging effect after exposure to sunlight.
  • Improved the quality of kraft liners and kraft papers by integrating refining with different chemical formulations to enhance RCT (Ring Crush Test) and BF (Burst factor).
  • Developed Barrier Properties with different surface sizing chemical formulations.
  • Developed Technical Know-how and expertise on filler loading, effective alkali/neutral sizing using PCC, GCC and soap stone powder.
Paper Recycling
  • Acquired state-of-art facility for separation and quantification of macrostickies and hot melts in the recycled fibre stock.
  • Developed integrated methodology for quantification of macrostickies/ microstickies/ colloidal stickies in RCF stock employing dynamic drainage jar, Pulmac Master Screen and DCM extraction techniques.
  • Successfully developed enzymatic deinking and oxidative deinking technology as an alternative to alkaline deinking for quality up gradation of RCF using enzyme, oxygen & ozone. 30-40% cost reduction achieved with enzyme deinking technology.
  • Developed technical know-how on application of floatation deinking for stickies removal in OCC furnish.
  • Conducted Stickies Audit and profiling of Macro/ Micro/ Colloidal stickies accumulation in Emami Paper Mills Ltd., Balasore, Shree Rama Newsprint Mills Ltd., Surat, ITC Kovai, Coimbatore and Khanna Paper Mills, Punjab.
Project Undertaken
  • Development & demonstration of electroflocculation process on pilot scale for reduction of color from bleach effluent and agro-residue black liquors for CPCB.
  • Understanding & Control of Pitch & Deposits in Papermaking CPPRI-CTP (France) collaborative project.
  • Comparative study of properties for Used Beverage Cartons (UBC), UBC India, AOCC & IOCC and their fiber potential in papermaking - Fiber Pattana Co. Ltd; Thailand.
  • Pre-feasibility studies on Deinking of Currency broke for Security Paper Mill; Hoshangabad (M.P.).
  • Evaluated Used Beverage Cartons for its fiber potential in papermaking for Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon.
  • Evaluated various post consumer waste (tea cartons, soap wrapper, etc.) for its repulpability and papermaking potential in comparison with Indian OCC and American OCC for Unilever Industries Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai.
  • Repulping study of the broke generated during manufacturing of Bank Note Paper for Bank Note Paper Mill; Mysore.
  • “Achievement of highest brightness and whiteness in paper in a cost effective manner through selective addition of OWA at wet-end and size press” - Cess Funded Project.